A New Dimension in Inspections


can provide the following services:
  • Energy Evaluation
  • Insulation verification
  • Moisture intrusion
  • Mold Remediation Verification
  • Infrared Scanning of flat roofs for leaks
  • CMU Grout verification
  • HVAC Coil Scans (for blockage/damage)
  • HVAC Duct leakage scans
  • Radiant heat systems(electrical or water)
  • Got Bees in your walls? We can find them.
  • Spot electrical problems
  • Heat loss and heat gain from building components like doors and windows
We can save you money!

We find new uses for
Infrared Thermography every day.  Call us and maybe we can help.

Overheated electrical components

of wet roof 

Thermogram of radiant floor